Postdoc and Graduate Research Assistant Positions Available

By hsinhaouhuang  

Hiring people pic申請或報考研究所【甲、乙組】學生歡迎加入本研究室。本研究室最新的研究方向及研究計畫涵蓋:

1. 聲學及彈性超穎材料波傳行為與應用

2. 複雜材料與結構於微尺度下之發展及應用

3. 拉漲材料研發及應用

4. 具能量儲存之多功能複合材料研發

5. 風力發電相關結構與材料問題

6. 結構健康監測理論、分析與實驗


1. 機械波能量控制:吸能(減振或防撞)、濾波導波、減噪

2. 生醫:心血管食道支架、藥物傳遞控制、健康監測

3. 多功能材料:儲能 + 結構承載

We are looking for postdocs and graduate research assistants in the following fields:

Complex and Multi-functional Structures and Materials with tunable structural and/or material properties, Micro-structural Design for wave management, Composite Materials, Energy and Waves, Energy Storage Composites

Qualification for the postdoc: Strong background in a few of the following areas is desired: Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, and Wave Dynamics.  Excellent programming skills are required (Matlab, C/C++, or Fortran, etc.).  Knowledge of the finite element method (linear and nonlinear analyses) is considered a strong advantage.  Candidates with PhD degrees in Engineering Science, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or other related disciplines are encouraged to apply.

For the postdoc position, the contract is initially 1-year and renewable based on performance.

For all to apply, please send your detailed CV and a cover letter to:

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